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Now both you and your customers can benefit from the advanced services available from mc.net.

Referral Program


Receive a Free 6 Mbps Internet Connection, when 6 new customers sign-up for DSLv2 service based on your referral.

  • Never pay for Internet Service again! - Your 6 Mbps Internet Connection will remain free as long as 6 referrals are active DSLv2 subscribers.
  • Build your referrals & your credits – Referrals do not expire - Receive 1 month free for every new customer up to 5 as your referrals accrue.
  • Higher bandwidth subscriber? – Receive $39.95 credit towards your higher bandwidth account. Just pay the difference.

Are other services eligible for referral?

mc.net has extended its referral program to include one (1) free month of service for every new customer that signs up for service based on your referral.

Please make sure that the new customer has your account number or mc.net e-mail address at signup time. You will then receive a credit worth one (1) month of service.

Referral Rules

  • New customer must continue service for a minimum of 120 days or execute an agreement.
  • Referrer is only eligible to receive credits at their current monthly rate. Credit based on one service per account.
  • Businesses can earn credit based on their referral signups. Credits will be based on the service the customer signs up for, with the exception customer signs up for service greater than referrer's monthly billed amount. In this case referrer is only eligible to receive credits at their current monthly rate of one service per account.

For more information, please contact us at 847-594-5111 or email marketing@mc.net