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Unsolicited E-mail Policy

Unsolicited E-mail, also known as SPAM, has invaded our inboxes and exposed E-mail users to offense and sometimes illegal materials. mc.net has always and will always have a zero tolerance policy for Unsolicited E-mail.

One "spammer" could affect all of mc.net's customers. The "spammer" could cause anyone using the domain "mc.net" to not be able to send or receive data from mc.net.

This being the case, we take the stance that if you SPAM you will immediately lose your account and damages in the amount of $10,000 will be assessed.

This may seem a harsh solution to a problem that a very small minority of users cause, but as bandwidth and system resources around the world struggle to keep up, decisive action needs to be taken.

We encourage users to report any suspicious activity to the mc.net Abuse Department IMMEDIATELY!! They can be reached at abuse@mc.net or 847-594-5111. Furthermore, mc.net will NEVER sell or give out your personal information.

mc.net also offers a Spam/Virus Filtering Service. This service catches nearly 100% of E-mail borne Viruses and an estimated 90% of Spam. Click Here for more information.